About the Currency Report

The Currency Report is dedicated to promoting the creation of a common, decentralized global currency. This currency would be used worldwide as a functional currency in all areas of commerce.  

Why do we want a decentralized global currency?  To reduce transaction costs, increase global integration and reduce the power of any one institution to manipulate the value of the currency. This will increase global prosperity, equality and peace.   

Why hasn't a global currency already been created?  Before the invention of bitcoin, the adoption of a global currency would have required the approval of national governments.  Politics has made this impossible.  With bitcoin the market can decide without the affirmative consent of national governments.  Of course national governments can restrict the currency, but we hope this does not happen for the sake of global good.     

What does a global currency look like?  It's not clear what the best features are.  Should it only have one purpose or is a multi-functional currency better?  How much anonymity is required?  What type of governance structure is required?  Does it need to be portable on multiple platforms?  Does it need to be broadly distributed initially or can a small group of people benefit from the value generated from its creation?  We're going to find out! 

What is the value of a global currency?  Trillions of dollars. The total global market for physical currency, bank deposits and gold is around $80 trillion.  How this value is created and who benefits is an important question for society and policymakers.  

The Global Currency Fund.  (For accredited investors only)  This fund seeks to profit from the creation of a global currency. The manager invests in a small number of currencies that it believes could become a global currency, both the large existing candidates like bitcoin, as well as new currencies.  Inquire to learn more.  

The Team

Shane Hadden:  The Currency Report is led by Shane Hadden.  Shane is a Certified Bitcoin Professional and Charted Financial Analyst.  He has over 20 years of experience in innovative structured finance with a focus on cross-border fixed income.  He teaches Financial Innovation at the University of Kentucky, manages The Global Currency Fund and is creating a new currency at Provide Community PBC.  

Contributors:  We are always looking for contributors to provide resources and insights to the Currency Report.  If interested, please email shane@globalcurrencyreport.com.