The Global Currency Fund

The Global Currency Fund is the first hedge fund focused exclusively on the growth of decentralized global currencies. 

Global Currencies:  Of the over 1,500 cryptocurrencies listed on, only ten or so are actively seeking to become a currency accepted by merchants worldwide. We call this segment of the market "Global Currencies."  

Investment Thesis:  The value of Global Currencies is currently less than $200 billion. The potential market of Global Currencies as measured by the value of gold and fiat currencies is approximately $93 trillion. We believe this gap will close over the next ten years with potential returns for Global Currencies in excess of 10x. 

Strategy:  We only invest in currencies that are well positioned to grow as a Global Currency. We assess many factors in selecting and weighting these currencies, including: governance structure, focus on merchant adoption, payments infrastructure development, existence of treasury funding for development and marketing, currency and platform features and the general attractiveness of the currency for adoption on a global scale. 

We believe it is possible that the most successful Global Currency has not yet been created. For this reason we are focused on identifying promising new currency projects.    

We actively promote the adoption of Global Currencies and will be active in the governance of the currencies in which we invest.  These efforts will give us an advantage in spotting promising new currencies early.    

Management:  The fund is managed by Shane Hadden.  Shane is a Certified Bitcoin Professional and Chartered Financial Analyst. He has over 20 years of experience in global structured finance.  He teaches Financial Innovation at the University of Kentucky and manages the Currency Report.

Current Holdings:  Bitcoin, Litecoin, DASH, Monero, Lumens, Decred

Terms:  Accredited Investors only. Traditional hedge fund terms.  Favorable terms for early investors. 

Contact:  Shane Hadden,, (917) 940-5322. 

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