Bitcoin notes are notes that can be exchanged on demand for a fixed amount of bitcoin. The purpose of bitcoin notes is to add features of functionality to bitcoin while maintaining its underlying value. 

The purpose of the Global Currency Group bitcoin note program is to increase the usability in commerce through Liquidity Features.  These features will be added over time as the bitcoin note program grows.   

Global Currency Group bitcoin notes (the "Bitcoin Notes") have the following terms:

Face Amount:   Minimum 1 bitcoin

Maturity:  On demand by either party

Payment on Maturity:  Delivery of Face Amount

Purchase Price:  Face Amount plus or minus Premium or Discount.

Current Premium or Discount:  0% 

Issuer:  Global Advisors LLC, a Kentucky Limited Liability Company

Security: The notes are unsecured. See negative covenants.   

Negative Covenants: Issuer may not issue secured debt or debt with a claim senior to that of the Bitcoin Notes.  Issuer must maintain ownership of bitcoin equal to    

Eligible Investors:  Accredited Investors who are U.S. residents

Offering:  506(c) with Private Placement Memorandum and Subscription Agreement.  

Liquidity Features: